Tanya Scurry ,M.D.

I know the struggle of depression.  My mother was diagnosed with depression early in her life.  I remember her lows were very low.  I'm an only child and as a kid I didn't know how to help her.  I watched her stay in bed for days on end, not eat, not speak to me, in other words she was just existing.  Later she was diagnosed with bipolar mood disorder which was eye-opening.  Fortunately by then I was a psychiatrist and able to understand her more and provide the help she needed.  

She pased away in 2011 and since then I've battled with my own demons as they relate to weight and emotinal eating.  As I said I know the struggle (see my videos here).  I'm a double board certified addiction psychiatrist with over 10 years experience and Ketamine is the most exciting depression and anxiety breakthrough in my professional career and I'm grateful.  I've worked with veterans devastated by PTSD and felt powerless to provide an effective treatment until now.  I've also helped those struggling to regain their independence from chronic illnesses such as cancer, hip and knee surgeries, diabetes, neurological conditions and other medical conditions.  

With Ketamine many are feeling hopeful again.

Don't suffer alone.  The help is available at our clinic.


Teresa Servin

Teresa is a special person.  She was the person who supported me in my weight loss struggle and is my only family.  She's also the office manager and the one you'll be talking to when you call to make an appointment.  She's caring but tough.  She's honest but compassionate.  She wants you to feel better and live your life to the fullest.  


Mrs. Ruby Bentley

One of the first people you will see when you arrive in our comfortable clinic is Ruby Bentley.  She is a public health nurse with over 20 years experience but more importantly she is there to shepherd you through your infusions safely.  Her calming manner and voice are what our patients cite as the most important aspect of the care at The Ketamine Clinic of Ontario.