Payment and policies


Will my insurance company pay for Ketamine therapy?

Because Ketamine therapy for mood and anxiety disorders is recent and still viewed as experimental, insurance companies do not provide reimbursement.

Will I need more than 6 infusions?

Some people may need "booster" infusions for maintenance but this will be based on how you are feeling.  After you and your mental health provider discuss your progress the two of you may determine that additional infusions would be helpful.

Can I continue my current medications?


Anti-depressant medications (SSRIs, MAOIs, and tricyclics) do not interfere with ketamine, and there is no need to stop them. Ketamine infusions can provide relief during the time it takes antidepressant medications to begin working. Important: You should not decrease or stop taking any prescribed medication without first consulting your prescribing physician.  Lastly, recreational drugs such as cannabis may interfere with the efficacy of Ketamine.

Do I need to abstain from alcohol and recreational drugs?

Active substance abuse is a contraindication to Ketamine infusions.