Migraine Treatment

migraine headache help

What are migraine symptoms?

If you've suffered from migraines you are very familiar with the symptoms:  moderate to severe pain of the pounding and throbbing type, light, odor and sound sensitivities, nausea/vomiting,; blurred vision, loss of appetite, fatigue, dizziness, an aura (bright flashing lights, wavy or jagged lines).

migraine headache

How are migraines treated?

There are treatment options such as over the counter medications, narcotics, and other medications that are supposed to prevent the migraine from progressing (e.g. triptans). However, many people are still suffering.  That's where Ketamine comes in. 

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How can Ketamine give me my life back?

Migraines can rob you of your life.  However with Ketamine you can experience a fast, effective, and safe treatment for migraines that is not addictive.  It works on the glutamate receptor (NMDA) and is thought to decrease pain by this interaction.    Imagine relief from migraines without having to take pills and worry about addiction to pain pills.   Get your life back with the Ketamine Clinic of Ontario by calling us today at 909-933-5299.