Depression, the challenges, and how Ketamine helps

This is a great video from presented by Yale researchers discussing the depression epidemic, the biochemical challenges involved in treating depression and how Ketamine is a game changer.  Worth the time to watch.

Ketamine and Depression: From Despair to Hope in Hours

Excellent, brief overview of what Ketamine means to those suffering with depression.  Dr. Zarate from NIH discusses the exciting results using Ketamine in the treatment of depression.  Our current anti-depressants can take a minimum of 2 weeks to have any benefit and many times the results are not optimal. Ketamine has been shown to have rapid anti-depressant effect and provide hope to those with treatment resistant depression.

Ketamine for peripheral neuropathy

This is a wonderful video of a gentleman with diabetic peripheral neuropathy treated at the Medical College of Georgia with a very low dose of Ketamine via IV infusion.  Listen to his story.